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A stylish event begins long before the guests arrive. It begins with masterful planning.

Why a Day of Coordinator instead of a Wedding Planner?

Different from a Wedding Planner, who helps design, budget and plan your wedding from start to finish, a Day of Coordinator works with you to take care of the details leading up to the wedding and to run the show on the big day.  From the time you book, even if it’s a year out, we’ll be your wedding resource. Then anywhere from 1-3 months before, we’ll be on the ground helping to create and implement your vision.

Day Of can be a life-saver for couples who don’t want to budget for a full-service wedding planner; couples who thought they could do it alone and then realize closer to the wedding that they do need someone; and couples who actually manage to plan it all on their own, but then wisely recognize that they shouldn’t leave the details in the hands of their mom or family friend.

Why do I need a Coordinator?

When it comes to your wedding, it’s understandable to want to be in total control. You and your partner have spent countless hours dreaming and planning the big day, but do you really want to be the point of contact for your caterer who is running late? Or scrambling to find more room for your cousins who forgot to RSVP? Those little details go a long way during your wedding – but looking out for them can take your focus off one of the best days of your life.

When you bring your Coordinator on board, we’re there to be your wedding library and resource, as well as the navigator for your actual wedding day. Not sure how to create your seating chart? Need some vendor recommendations? Want someone to set up all your place cards? That’s us!



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Your complimentary consultation shows us where you are in your planning process and how we can help you bring everything together. We like to take this time to get to know you and ensure that we’re the best fit for your needs. Most importantly, we want to give you everything you need to to make you feel comfortable entrusting us to coordinate your big day.


  • We’re able to answer any questions you have from the time you book on how to plan for your day!
  • We’ll give you lists of vendor recommendations based on your style; photographers, bakers, makeup artists & more
  • We’ll give you questions to ask vendors and what to look out for in contracts
  • We can review vendor prices and let you know if they’re within industry standards
  • We can give advice for layouts, timelines, travel, and more
  • We can give ideas and help on design, ordering, setup and more
  • Struggling with planning a certain part of your wedding? That’s what we’re here for!


  • Meet with the bride and groom to create the wedding day timeline
  • Go over all details and ideas for the wedding day
  • Review all vendor services and collect all contract and contact information
  • Create the remaining months timeline


  • Coordinator is available during this time for any questions or changes to timeline from the Bride and Groom
  • Coordinator will stay in contact with arranged vendors and venue to confirm schedules
  • Coordinator is available to answer any questions, and provide suggestions or expertise for any wedding needs
  • In house legal team reviews all service contracts provided


  • Crafted Law will review any existing or new vendor contracts, while suggesting changes or updates
  • Contract alterations will be resubmitted for vendor approval
  • Payment schedules according to vendor contracts can be created


  • Work with officiator to arrange wedding ceremony, processional and recessional
  • Recap with wedding party on where they need to be the following day, and at what time
  • Arrange décor in rehearsal space
  • Work with venue to ensure all layouts are implemented and technology needed is operational
  • Direct dinner timelines including arrivals, speeches and videos
  • Transfer any necessary décor items from the Rehearsal space to the Reception location for overnight accommodation


  • Organize and prepare bridal suite and groom quarters before party arrival
  • Review day’s timeline with the wedding party if not previously discussed at rehearsal
  • Confirm photographer and videographer arrival, and review the day’s timeline including what personnel is needed for what shots
  • Handle arrival of hair and make-up stylists and direct them to their set up space
  • Manage additional food and snack deliveries and clean up
  • Ensure all flowers are delivered and direct to where the decor should be set up
  • Synchronize timelines with transportation vendor, gather wedding party to depart for the ceremony and or photos


  • Coordinate ceremony musicians arrival and direct them as to where to set up
  • Verify that florist has set up all arrangements according to pre-approved plan
  • Lay out and label all personal flowers (i.e. Flower girl petals, Boutonnieres, and/or Attendant corsages)
  • Supply all flowers to the wedding party
  • Display guest book, programs and send-off items
  • Make sure assistants arrive on time to assist with the guest book, pass out programs and distribute send-off items at the conclusion
  • Ensure Ushers and Groomsmen arrive on time and direct them where to escort guests
  • Signal escorts when to begin leading guests to their seats
  • Communicate with ceremony officiator and musicians to determine cues that will initiate the ceremony
  • Arrange wedding party in designated order and cue them for the processional
  • Handle any and all emergencies that may arise throughout
  • Transfer items from the ceremony location to the reception venue and store any items not needed


  • Make sure all items needed to be transferred from ceremony are set up at reception according to plan
  • Welcome all vendors and instruct them as to where to set up
  • For outdoor areas – make certain that lighting is set up and working
  • Coordinate timing with band or DJ, confirm wedding party’s names will be pronounced correctly
  • Assemble catering and venue staff to confirm food timing
  • Arrange menu cards, placements and favors at individual settings
  • Set up table numbers, gift table, champagne flutes, and cake cutting utensils if needed
  • Make sure guest tables and head table are set up properly and have the correct number of chairs at each
  • Confirm that all other décor has been displayed
  • Review final set up before end of cocktail hour


  • Manage caterers to continue proper flow of Cocktail Hour food and drinks
  • Help guests locate their seats, and encourage timely transfer into reception
  • Locate wedding party and line them up accordingly for their introductions
  • Alert designated emcee when the majority of guests have found their tables and the Bride and Groom are ready to enter
  • Help ensure that guests are served at the scheduled time by catering company
  • Cue music, photographer, videographer and members involved in important events (parent dances, cake cutting, and toasts)
  • Cue wedding party members when they are to be announced for toasts
  • Distribute pre-approved final payments and gratuities to vendors
  • Contain and rectify any problems that may arise
  • Remain easily accessible through the entire event in case there are any details the Bride & Groom would like attended to
  • Collect gifts and personal décor items, and deliver them to designated family members at the end of the night
  • Direct the reception departure transportation and/or formal send-off


  • Aid with setup of décor and/or floral items
  • Assist with on-time arrival or delivery of catering
  • Direct food and beverage logistics
  • Help avert any challenges that may arise during the event
  • Confirm breakdown and clean-up


& get ready to party

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