To postpone or wait it out? With the uncertainty of COVID-19, its makes us feel better that we have the power to act. Here are steps you can take to be proactive about your upcoming wedding day.

01. First, know the ultimate goal: marrying your person!

So even if you and your partner are self-quarantined, you could still get married — and celebrate later.

02. Review your contracts

Look at the contracts you’ve signed with your wedding venue, caterer, florist, the hotel staff or any other vendor. Depending on how those vendor contracts are written, couples could be on the hook to pay for everything if they try to change a wedding’s date or cancel. Ask what your options are ahead of time!

03. Should we cancel or postpone?

Because many venues are booked about a year in advance, postponing would likely mean postponing until 2021. Again, first ask your venue/vendors what your options are. Don’t worry about out-of-town guests! Hotels and Airlines will work with these customers to either refund or credit their travel.  

04. Check your orders

We’re hearing a lot of bridal factories that make wedding dresses/men’s suits are getting delayed. Check with your delivery company and maybe buy buy a dress or suit off-the-rack as a backup.

05. The wedding WILL go on!

Whether it’s a shortened guest list, a rescheduled date, or a small private ceremony with a party later, your wedding will happen, and it will be amazing!

We work with Crafted Law on all our wedding contracts. If you need help reviewing yours, message them directly at: