Will-You-Be-My-Bridesmaid card, wine glass with said bridesmaid’s name, a mini champagne bottle with a straw…sound familiar? When looking for a way to honor your besties with something unique, too many times do we turn to the traditional “bridesmaid box.” 

As a bride, creating a box of trinkets may be enjoyable to yourself, but will have little use to those who have been so diligent in listening to your never ending wedding talk. No one deserves more thanks than those asked to stand by your side. 

When choosing thoughtful thank yous, put yourself in your recipient’s shoes. You open the box, so what’s inside?


We’ve put together a list of unique and useful bridesmaid gifts that your squad will use again and again, and ones that can play a significant part throughout your entire wedding!


01. Personalized Tote

This is my favorite option as these can be used on multiple occasions. Have these Personalized Totes for your girls to bring their getting ready items for the actual wedding day. Tip: would make for a great photo for your wedding photographer of all their personalized totes together.

Have besties all across the country? This option is light and easy to mail.

Personalized Tote

02. Macaroons

Want to keep the price down, but stay unique & chic? Ask your maids with macaroons! Easy to mail, and they won’t go to waste! Yum yum!

03. Birchbox & BoxFox

Still like the idea of sending a box? Send them a spa and checkout Birchbox and BoxFox. These beauty boxes include sample sized products to pamper and primp your girl’s for the big day. From Cool-firming eye gels to no-frizz humidity spray, your ladies will look & feel their best on your big day.  

04. Starbucks Stickers 

Get your caffeine fix & grab one for your girls! These personalized Starbucks stickers on a reusable cup guarantee wedding vibes every time it’s used. 

Going for a coffee run on the morning of the wedding? Have your ladies bring their cups for a pick-me-up AND a photo op for your photographer.

05. Name Hangers

While you may have picked up a bridal hanger for your own new last name, grab one for each of your girls! Another great photographer’s shot of all your ladies names lined up with their dresses on the hangers in the same order they will stand.

Don’t forget practical! These are great to actually hold and transport their dresses to and from your venue!  

     06. Personalized Gold Bar Necklace

With their own initials, your ladies could wear their own Personalized Gold Bar Necklace like this, on the actual day. As a statement piece, these gifts can bring all your looks together. For your photographer, a close up shot of all the necklaces with their initials is a great memento of when they were asked.

Not exactly wedding specific, these bars can be worn again and again, where your friends will always be reminded of sharing your special day.

Personalized Gold Bar Necklace

Stay tuned for our guy’s version of “Not Another Groomsmen Box.”