Meet Lindsay McLaughlin, Owner + Lead Coordinator of Paper Hat Weddings. We’re talking about how Paper Hat came to be, Lindsay’s love of organization, and of course, Tacos.

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I have a masters in checklists and timelines, and a PHD in scheduling. I get just as jazzed about new Tupperware as I do for a pair of shoes.






01. How did you start Paper Hat Weddings?

I used to work as the GM for a big corporate company coordinating massive events all across the country. We’re talking 3 full event days, opening ceremonies, red carpet entrances, stages with full lighting, acrobatic performers; everything short of the circus. With over 3,000 attendees and a full year’s worth of work, it ended up feeling like I wasn’t even there at all.

When I coordinate weddings, I feel a much deeper connection to what I’m helping these couples build. Meeting with excited brides and working up solutions and timelines to create beautiful wedding spaces became my vacation.

I am now on a permanent vacation running Paper Hat Weddings full time!

02. Why be a Coordinator?

I’ve heard others say “how do you enjoy this?” Type A is my personality. A place for everything and everything in its place. I have a masters in checklists and timelines  and a PHD in scheduling. I get just as jazzed about new Tupperware as I do for a pair of shoes.

I love color coding tasks and feel great satisfaction in checking them off. What I like most about weddings is that no two are the same. Each couple brings their own personality, ideas and special touches to how they want to experience their day. I get to work alongside to see their vision come to life, while checking off projects as we go.

It’s all my favorite things combined!

House Photography | Ironworks Hotel Indy

03. Why focus on Day of Coordination? Why not full service?

My one regret about my own wedding is that I did NOT have a Day Of Coordinator.

It was a day I had been thinking about my entire life and I wanted to be involved in the entire process and make sure I was present for all the decisions.

I wanted to stay perfectly in my budget and didn’t think I needed a coordinator. While my day was beautiful, instead of relaxing and enjoying the moment, I was taking care of all the details. The week before I came in to set up all of our decorations, at one point I had to to leave the dance floor to give a vendor his remaining deposit, and instead of getting ready for our honeymoon, I was back the next day tearing everything down.

When we moved to Grand Rapids I saw a need. A need for a Wedding Coordinator without the full service price tag. Being budget conscious myself, I want each couple to feel that everything can be handled professionally without feeling like they have to give up another aspect to fit it in financially.

04. Why not coordinate for another company?

As we grow, I love being challenged to create a better work environment, and experience for our employees and clients. I choose how and when to alter my own systems to better serve our brides. By creating and being involved in every aspect of the business from the ground up, I am able to be completely involved in how the business evolves.

05. You’ve got the weekend off. What are you doing?

When I’m not at a wedding, I’m still organizing a packing list to travel with my husband Kevin. When I’m home, I’m either off finding new secret camping spots all over Michigan, paddle boarding on Reed’s Lake or eating my weight in tacos at Donkey Taqueria, (who also caters weddings.)

You can learn more about Lindsay and the services offered from Paper Hat Weddings here on the Details page. Follow more of their work on the Paper Hat Instagram and Paper Hat Facebook.

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