Meet Nicole Flier, Owner and Lead Stylist at Launch Salon, located right here in Grand RapidsNicole and her team have the perfect suggestions for what not only looks great, but also compliments your personal style for your wedding day.

Nicole Flier | Owner, Launch Salon

Launch is the house that cultivates our passion for hair and the people that wear it. We combine old school customer service with new school trends. Its about leaving people better than how we found them. To lift up our guests to their highest potential and in turn get to show off our fierce love for what we do. Our goal is to use our salon to reach into the community and be an advocate for well being. Let us show you the difference – Its your turn.

-Launch Salon

How should a bride begin her hairstyle search?

If a bride doesn’t have a hairstylist already, a really good way to find one is to utilize hashtags and social media. Searches such as #GrandRapidsHair #GrandRapidsWedding and #GrandRapidsBride are really great hashtags to search more of a broad span. Even #GrandRapidsSalon. You can also search on google, but I feel that on Instagram and with hashtags, you’re going to get more recent and true to life results.

I think referrals are really big too. If you know someone who has gotten married and really liked the vibe of their wedding, typically they’ll have a good idea of someone who would align with that too. 

When should a bride book her hair trial?

Typically when we’re serving brides, I would suggest booking your salon or stylist a year in advance if you can. At least get your deposit down to get your date saved, because dates will go very fast. We’re already booking into next year!

As far as the actual initial appointment, we shoot for the trial to be a month out, which is the furthest we would want to go, then up until a week and 1/2 before the big day. I say that because a lot of times people will change their direction. So even if you’re booking out a year, 6 months, 3 months; the way you want your hair, or the vibe of your day may change. So within a month, or even closer, you have a real clear idea of how you want it to look. 

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When should a bride consider extensions?

Up until that year mark, when you’re starting to pick out your stylist, I would set up an initial consultation. You will have then met them face-to-face and be able to show them your mood board, or some sort of direction. Say you want a boho feel, but don’t have specifics on that actual hair style. We can talk about some of those things and have realistic expectations with how your hair actually is. We’ll be able to help and say “these are the styles I see that would look really great on you, and this is how it could work.”

A lot of times when a bride comes in for a trial we know this is what you like, this is what’s doable with your hair, and this is how it will hold up longevity-wise. A lot of time Pinterest photos will show hairstyles that only have to stay in place for 7 minutes when a wedding day is 7 or more hours. 

We do extensions, but a lot of people will bring in clip-ins too. Closer to the wedding date they may have decided they wanted a longer style, and the clip-ins allow you to take the hair out and have it afterwards.

Any hairstyle advice for the grooms?

Know when it’s time to get that fresh haircut, even a couple days before. Anything more than a week and you’ll see around the neck will start to fray a bit, so we want to make sure that’s nice and fresh.

That’s an add-on that Launch offers. If we’re on location, or if the groom wants to come in before or after the initial hair trial, they can have a quick style. You don’t want to give them a new product before their wedding and say “good luck” and hope they get it right. If we’re on location, we’ll bring trimmers so we can clean up the neckline, put in product and style them ourselves. 

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What should a bride consider when choosing a hair style?

Think about how your hair reacts in different kinds of weather and let us know that. If your hair frizzes up in humidity or doesn’t hold a curl very well, that will help us when keeping those things in mind. 

In the initial consultation we also ask for a picture of the dress and getting a vibe of what your decor will look like. Then we can make recommendations. A lot of people have a style they are comfortable with and might not necessarily think this will go better with this dress or this vibe. 

People will come in with 3 very different photos and say they like the front of one, and the back of another. Then we can look at the whole vibe you’re going for and suggest what would be best for your style and theme.

How should a bride choose her bridesmaids’ hairstyles?

I feel that the best case scenario is when people can choose what they want their hair to look like. They are most comfortable and most confident when they like what they’re wearing, versus having something be out of their comfort zone. Even if you have everyone get a left side part with a low bun, it’s going to look different on everyone. Bride’s don’t want their maids’ hair to look all over the place, but even with the same style, it will look different anyway. 

Here at Launch Salon we want to be as accommodating as we can, but also informative. With as many weddings as we do, we want to be a resource to you as well. We feel lucky to be a part of your big day.

You can learn more about Nicole and the services offered from Launch Salon and find more of their work on the Launch Salon Instagram and Launch Salon Facebook.